bicycle camping with evo + swift


September 13th and 14th, 2014  8:30 AM

Come ride thirty-five miles with us to Kitsap Memorial State Park on the beautiful Hood Canal. Experience the freedom of carrying your own gear, explore along the way, and camp for the night on the water. Join evo, Traitor Cycles, and Swift Industries for an overnight bike adventure.

Get ready to hit the road with two introductory courses taught by the adventurous folks at Swift Industries





The Range Tour: Outfitted pt. 2

The packing list is always in flux–usually until the moment we hop on our bikes to start the adventure–and is determined by pretty simple factors

  • how long the trip is
  • how remote the route is
  • what time of year we’re heading out

So, here we are, taking off

  • for ten days of really challenging terrain
  • into the middle of nowhere. We’ll have a 145 mile section without any services.
  • in late July

We’ll need to move self sufficiently with light and compressible gear, and carry enough  food for three day sections at a time. We shouldn’t need to worry too much about cold nights, but I run a little cold in the backcountry from constant exposure. Layers are key. Rain gear is a must, and protection from sun and bugs are a priority. Continue reading

The Range Tour: Outfitted


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We’ll be getting ready to skip town. Check out the route we’ll trace, the gear we’ve chosen, and how we plan to carry what we need for ten days in the mountains.


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The Range Tour: Route



The goal is to circumnavigate Olympic National Park, staying as close as possible to the park boundary, on forest service roads and single-track trails.

We’ve been working out the logistics for weeks, leaving our sewing tables at Swift to spend evenings hunched over our maps, guides, and computers–hunting for roads that circle the Olympics. This adventure comes right on the heels of Oregon Outback for good reason: we know that the terrain and distances we are getting into will be really demanding and Outback seemed like the perfect route to flush out our gear and get inspired.

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The Range Tour: Dams undammed. Wilderness.


We set out on July 20th, 2014 to circumnavigate the Olympic Mountain Range by bicycle.

The best things, we’ve discovered, are the places we explore for their wildness, the (un)certainty, and sheer scale.

Geologic time.

Beargrass and low alpine lupine.

That dust in your teeth.

A deliberate cast into dark waters upstream.

Knowing of this nature is not in books or maps or the gear that gets you there.

It’s in the fibers of our muscles at the end of the day.  It fills the lungs on every ascent, and takes our breath away in the simplicity of a measured chirp or serrate leaf.

540 miles.

Pavement. Dirt. Gravel. Single Track.

Dams undammed.




For the next two weeks we’ll be getting ready to skip town. Stay tuned to find out about the route we’ll trace, the gear we’ve chosen, and how we plan to carry what we need for ten days in the mountains.

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A FrameBuilder’s Bag, from The Radivist



photos and post by John Prolly,  The Radivist

At the Melburn Roobaix yesterday (more to come on that), I bumped into my friend Ben Kamenjas from Sydney, who I met a few years back when he worked at Deus Ex Machina. Ben’s a wealth of cycling knowledge, especially the obscure / idiosyncratic world of French components and frames. At a certain point in your life, you tire of looking at others’ work and decide to start building for yourself.

What you see here is Ben’s first bike, under his moniker Cicli Spirito (no link yet). It’s a fendered porteur with a customized VO rack that mounts to the vintage center pull mounts and classic French parts with a classic geometry.

It’s always difficult to shoot a porteur with weight on the front, so I asked Ben to act as the kickstand while I snapped a few, very quick photos.

With this weather, I’m sure Ben was stoked on his Swift Industries Polaris bag, fenders and nice, plump tires during the Roobaix. That’s a great looking bicycle!


For the full story check out


photos by John Prolly, the Radivist




Chasing the Sun

Watching the weather on Friday morning, we saw the ominous weather front lumbering from the north, swirling in slow motion above the Pacific Northwest. Six weeks of rain seemed to have collected in this cloud formation, and it was due to dump its load right on us.

With a two day cycling and camping trip already in motion, we scanned the meteorology maps and saw a break in the weather calling our name over the Enchantments. When a place with a name like the Enchantments calls, you’d be a sucker not to go.

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Ballard Bike Street Party! May 29th

Visit our Swift Industries Booth at the Ballard Bike Street Party!

Thursday, May 29th 4-8pm

Ballard Ave NW from 22nd Ave NW to Market &

22nd Ave NW from Ballard Ave NW to Market

Cascade Bicycle Club is partnering with Seattle Summer Streets to cap off Bike Month with a sweet street party celebrating biking and walking.  Come hang out with us in the street, mingle with neighbors, and support Ballard businesses.