Nowhere Soon

I have a new series of podcasts to listen to while I’m stitching:

The adventure is one Goods and I have ridden (well, to the Bay Area), so the narratives are particularly wonderful to listen to.




  1. Thanks for turning us onto this podcast! We love every episode we listen to. Its unfortunate that Mer’s bike Leo was stolen in SF. I can’t imagine such a major bummer on a bike tour.


    • I had a friend who completed his cycle-tour around Europe and was staying at a hostel in London. He awoke, prepared to box up his bike for that day’s flight and what do you know–GONE! He laughs and says at least it wasn’t on day 1…Still I’d be so mad!

  2. Thanks for the words of support folks! Luckily we were able to replace my bike very quickly and carry on. It’s always nice to know that there are people out there listening to the podcast! Hopefully we’ll have a new episode up by the end of today or tomorrow.
    Happy Pedaling,

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