Invitations and Announcements!

Come visit us at the Seattle Bike Expo on Saturday March 12th and Sunday March 13th!

Dear Customers, Friends, Fans, and fellow Cyclists!

This year at the Expo, Swift Industries is taking the opportunity to show off our goods. We invite you to come by our booth to touch, scrutinize, and admire our handcraft, and place your Spring 2011 orders (cash, local checks, and major credit cards accepted).

Want to see our bags in motion? Don’t miss our bags in the Seattle Bike Expo’s Fashion Show.

The Cascade Bicycle Expo is the Pacific Northwest’s largest bicycle show, and draws vendors and enthusiasts from all cycling avenues.


hosted by GoMeansGo



  1. One of my regular customers has just received his second front bag;
    and I can’t wait to get my black and orange trunk bag!

  2. Love what you are doing! Cycled cross country twice back in the 70s…
    still the high water mark in my life. You have managed to find something
    in life you love to do (playing on a bike) and working (with the sewing
    machine). As you said in the video, there are times that challenge you…
    and yet you know the next turn of the pedal will bring you back to center.
    Thirty-five plus years later and my bicycles still take me back to where
    I belong. Keep hammering out those great bags!

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