Where to go?

It’s that time of year again. We’re hearing from folks far and wide that they’re heading on some incredible adventures this touring season. Be on the lookout: Swift Industries will be hosting a weekend escape from Seattle early this summer. The mini adventure will be a part of an Introduction to Bicycle Touring class we’ve been wanting to facilitate for some time now.

Many friends & customers come to us getting geared up for their very first touring experiences, and we’re reminded how excited and daunting those first tours were for us. For those of you embarking on your first cycle tour (or not) here is a list of really wonderful route resources for the open road:

Adventure Bicycling Maps


Warm Showers –find hosts en route all over the US. There’s a wonderful new app associated with the site now too.

The Route Verte –touring Quebec

Rails to Trails –touring the US

Path Less Pedaled –adventures galore and great gear tips

Cyclewild–Portland area bike camping resource.

Bikepacking–Mtn bike camping, for those that want to get off-road and in the woods.

There’s always more to come,



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