home is where the hearth is


Food is fuel on the road, and cooking is one of the daily tasks which make a rambler’s life ritualistic. This week I want to hear from your roving pantries! Jason and I toured from Montreal into Brooklyn in 2009, and had the most amazing food experience to date. Farm stands were pouring over with eggs, fresh veggies, cheese and more! We’ve also eaten bagels every day down the Pacific Coast.

Please share both the configuration of your kitchens as well as your favorite recipes. A year ago a group of us went out on a cozy overnight and dreamed of a ‘bicycle-touring recipe share.’

For our readers who will embark on their first tours this year these hints and stories can inspire their outdoor kitchens. And for those of us who have eaten too many tortillas with pb&j, please spice up our menus. Let us know if you’re using open flames or if you’re using camp stoves, as well as how many pots you haul along. Oh, and coffee–we want to know how you make your morning brew.





    • Hey Matt, this is a grinder that Russ brought on a weekend trip we took. On Path Less Pedaled he recommends the Hario Slim Mill, it’s a little smaller.

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