Holiday Updates & Announcements


Custom Holiday Orders are FULL here at Swift Industries.
Please browse our Caps, Wool Cycling Jerseys, Ready Made Baggage and Gift Certificates for gifts.
Purchases will ship by the 18th of December, the 12th for International purchases.

You can order custom baggage until January 1st 2012, which will be made and shipped in the early New Year!

Swift Industries will be CLOSED to orders for the month of January. As usual, we do the less traditional thing by turning off our custom orders for a month. What happens during that time? The team will design, sew, draw, ride together, eat together, build, move and create. It’s a healthy, joyous, and creative time for us. The best way to begin a new year!

You’ll be able to purchase choice items during that time, including the Ready Made BAggage we’ve made with all the TLC in Seattle.

Thanks to you all for your support! You’re making our dreams come true.


Team Swift


One comment

  1. we hope you and your cycle riding friend enjoy a nice holiday by visiting us here on the olympic peninsula!……….p.t. cyclery

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