A tribute to the spirit of the times!





Zeitgeist Saddle Bag

We’re so excited about changes to the Trunk Saddle Bag that we’ve decided to rename the bag the Zeitgeist Saddle Bag. Bicycles are no longer a subcultural trend, but have nested themselves in the dialogue about contemporary urban and rural planning, personal and family lifestyle, transportation, and pleasure. Here’s to the timeless cultures of the bicycle!

New features in 2013: We’ve been sewing the trunk saddle bag for three years now, and we’re really excited to have gathered experience and feedback to bring you an improved saddle touring bag this season. Visible changes: An elongated flap ensures that you can stuff your saddle bag to the gills, and we’ve rotated the side pockets to better accommodate both saddle attachment and the use of the Bagman support. Only to the trained eye: we are reinforcing the points that carry the most load with covered bar-tack stitching and have made the side pockets less deep by an inch to keep small gear close and snug. You can now upgrade either saddle bag size to Expedition status for $17.00.

NEW Expedition Upgrade $17.00

Add four dee rings and two integrated daisy chains to your Zeitgeist Saddle Bag flap. You can lace in bungee or webbing straps to add a jacket or sleeping mat to the exterior of your bag. Perfect for the light packer and heavy packer alike.

Have a look at more on the product page here.


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