The North American Hand-built Bike Show

Here’s the challenge: there are three bicycles showcasing with our bags at NAHBS in Denver this weekend.

The first four people to tweet or intragram photos of all three bikes get a treat from Greg Heath at Donkelope Bicycles!
You’ll need to show Greg all the photos to get your goody, and your photos need to be tagged #swiftindustries if posted on Instagram!

Have fun, and good luck!





One comment

  1. Great show! There are enough changes and surprises to make returning each year rewarding. For us Luddites, lacking tweetability or instagramability, it is a disappointment not to collect the goodies. For all Luddites, it is too bad there were no published program, annotated maps of the show, etc. unless we had scanning smarphones. As one attendee said, my smart phone makes me feel dumb. I wonder how many Seattleites are attending this year.

    Today is a special day. It is snowing in Denver for only the second time this season! Still sort of enough in the mountains surrounding Denver, but not enough the last couple of years to give the tourist bureau a lot fo confidence for the future…..more bikes might save the world!

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