Get together and get lost!

the packing list

Create a Get Lost Adventure club in 4 easy steps!

(one) choose a destination

–Find a camp spot that’s easy to get to from your front stoop. Be it ten miles, or eighty, that’s up to you. This adventure is yours for the making.

(two) gather friends

–Invite your friends. Seasoned bicycle adventurers and eager beginners are all drawn to a night under the stars with good company!

(three) pack it up

–Get your gear and food together and make a list for folks who have less experience than you. We love to go light and minimal, it seems to open doors for spontaneity!

(four) skip town

–Set a meeting time and hit the road. Making queue sheets for everyone is an added touch. Take your time. Stop at fruit stands. Watch the clouds drift along.



This is what it’s all about!



One comment

  1. Why not really get lost? In a couple of days I fly to Finland for 4 weeks of just “riding around” to anywhere I feel like going. I don’t use GPS and only have a couple of ideas of places to visit, but generally am making up a MISCELLANEOUS ADVENTURE, or RANDOM RAMBLE. Did the same last year and managed to get really lost twice.

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