Every Bike Has A Story: Oregon Outback or Bust

THE ONE AND ONLY MR RAINBOWSwift_Leah_6Swift_Squirrel_6Swift_Goods_6Swift_John_6Swift_Kellen_6


On Friday morning, seven Swift Industries riders will join over 150 adventure cyclists in Klamath Falls, Oregon. There begins Oregon Outback, a 360 mile mixed terrain bicycle race like no other. We will move completely self-sufficiently, with all of our gear on our bicycles. We will find our own pace. We will marvel at the desert landscape, and sleep under the fresh Spring skies. For months we have been preparing, riding, mapping, and yearning for the trail.

Click each photo for Rider Stories!

Special thanks to Ibex  and Sugar Bakery for keeping us warm and fueled!


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