#SwiftCampout Films and Trip Journals

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Swift Campout Trip Journals –July 10th

We’ve been sitting at the local watering hole, recounting and reliving our vagabond days on Swift Campout. It’s time to pull out that old pencil and paper and draw us in with your trail stories. Four dynamic trip journals will be featured on builtbyswift.com and the winnings will sweeten the deal. We’re only days into summer, and the Trip Journal Prizes are sure to accompany you for a summer of rambling.

Trip Journal Guidelines

Due July 10th, 2015

200-500 words and 5 high quality photos (300 dpi, 12” wide)

All content must be original work, submit your trip journal in Microsoft Word or a Google Doc with your first initial and last name as the title. Include your name and email address at the header of the document. All photos must be labelled with your last name (ex. doe.jpg, doe2.jpg etc)  Email your stories to swiftcampout@builtbyswift.com  

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Trip Journal Prizes

Enlightened Equipment’s Revelation Quilt,

Teton Rod from Tenkara Rod Co.,

A bundle of joy from Lone Wolf Cycling including their Surveyor Wind Vest, Territoy Scruff, and Tract Tee,

Horse Brand Carbon Steel Knife with Leather Sheath. 

Campout Films–Due July 18th


(photo from Beat the Clock Campout, Austin TX)

We’re looking for short films that make us want to quit our jobs and take to the open road!

Take us along for an adventure. We’re gathering Swift Campout Films to inspire the next person to pack up some camp gear and pedal out to parts unknown. Make it so good we think we can smell the smoke of last night’s fire in our clothes, and feel the hard earned miles in our legs.

Top Prize

Swift Campout Edition Junior Ranger Panniers,

Zeitgeist Saddle Bag and Paloma Handlebar Bag including mounting hardware

Membership to Adventure Cycling Association.

Second and Third Place Prizes

Two runners-up will receive Swift Campout Edition Zeitgeist Saddle Bags.

Campout Film Guidelines:

Due July 18th, 2015

All footage needs to be original and created for the Swift Campout.

All music must be original, licensed, or open-sourced.

Film needs to include “#swiftcampout” and builtbyswift.com in the credits, and be web-ready upon submission.

Swift Industries will hold the rights to use the winning Campout Films on builtbyswift.com and all company promotion including public and private showings. Swift Industries will not have the rights to sell or distribute your film for profit.

Submit your films by posting them to Vimeo or Youtube and email the link to swiftcampout@builtbyswift.com


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  1. I wish I could have submitted something, but I don’t have Word or Google docs, so I didn’t. I do have a suggestion for 2016 Swiftcampout…could you provide journals for purchase that can be used with watercolors? The waxy pages of those this year were not able to accept many mediums. I ended up using sharpies. Word makes a nifty little one that comes in a 3 pack with organized pages. I love mine and have filled a few. http://www.wordnotebooks.com/collections/the-adventure-log/products/the-adventure-log THANKS!

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