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Swift Industries is connecting bicycle adventurers. Join us for three nights of trip presentations.
The Pacific Northwest is full of great folks exploring by bicycle and nothing gets us hyped like first hand trip reports. The Stoked Spokes Adventure Series is here to get together to learn about the best bicycle trip in the region.
Smitten with the brief simplicity of TED Talks, we are gathering a series of short and intriguing bicycle adventure presentations. Each night will feature a handful of incredible tours. There will be overnights that are prime for your first time bicycle camping, and rides to inspire a lifetime in the saddle. After presentations are finished, you’ll have an opportunity to grab beers and amble from table to table to find out more about each destination.

The event is generously supported by Spokane’s custom bicycle builder
who is proud to present the National Forest Explorer

DECEMBER 2, 2014


Idaho’s Bitterroot Loop This historical northern Idaho landscape was originally traversed by intrepid explorers on foot and canoe, then horse, steamboat, and train​. Join Charley and Meghan Traylor as they recount their bike-tour exploring long stretches of the rural Idaho panhandle punctuated by far-flung trailside communities. Riding along two-hall-of -fame rail-trails, their tires never touched a major roadway.

Willapa Hills and the Northern Oregon Coast Range Explore the Southwestern Washington foothills, estuaries and the north Oregon coast range on this mixed dirt and paved adventure. Austin’s ride started at the Olympia train station and quickly picked up an overgrown rail-trail that took him to Willapa Bay. Crossing the mighty Columbia River he founds himself in the Oregon coast range and its foothill farmlands, and he made his way back into metro Portland by way of the Banks-Vernonia Trail. These are the stories of one fellow’s first bicycle adventure and the haphazard joy ride that got him hooked on bike touring.

Circumnavigating Mount Rainier. There are lots of perspectives to any challenge, and when one circles one of the Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful volcanoes you come away with a different sort of understanding of things. Two friends fledge Seattle to ride the high roads of Mount Rainier and pedal homeward with a different take on the ghostly peak that looms in the city’s distance. The people who have climbed her, glacier fed rivers and the kindness of strangers are all woven together by a trip shared by two friends with a rock solid love for adventure. Meet the characters along the way, get to know the roads that were discovered,  and give a toast to the restless mountain on our horizon. Shared by Martina Brimmer, owner of Swift Industries.


OCTOBER 1, 2014
The Range Tour: Circumnavigating the Olympic Mountain Range
Martina and Jason, owners of Swift Industries, spent nine days circumnavigating the Olympic Mountain Range on dirt roads and single track trails. The route, colloquially known as the Range Tour, has made top tier on the traveling duo’s adventure list. No other route has brought them closer to the stunning landscapes of the Olympic Peninsula. It’s gritty, dirty, solitary, and stunning.

Washington Backcountry Discovery Route
Join Dylan Carney and Josh Cohen of the Bicycle Story, as they relive their journey from Portland back to their hometown of Seattle. They’ll retrace their mountain tour with tales of deluge thunderstorms, scenic passes and the camaraderie of three wandering souls.



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