Swift Internship!

Manufacturing Internship hours: 15 hrs/wk

Now Accepting Inquiries

Internship qualifies as school credit according to participating institutions


Thank you for your interest in interning at  Swift Industries. Swift Industries is growing bicycle bag company located in Ballard. We design and manufacture all of our products in-house.

Interns will gain first hand experience working in a manufacturing setting. You will have the opportunity to apply your sewing skills through

  • product preparation
  • product finishing work

Apprenticeship at Swift Industries will give invaluable exposure to production workflow, the creative process of design and product development, and the daily skill set of an expert manufacturing team.


Our interns will gain skills using heavy duty industrial sewing machines, and will participate in the workflow in a company that designs and produces its merchandise.

We are looking for individuals who are self-directed, precise, and punctual.

We expect timeliness and focus at work.

Swift Industries is located in a vibrant shared artist’s space. Please note that we have many dogs who accompany their owners to work. Applicants should expect to stand while performing certain jobs, lift heavy rolls of materials, and operate machinery during their internship at Swift Industries.

Please apply for the internship position via info@builtbyswift.com. We ask for cover letter, four photographs of your sewn work and a clear list of your goals from an internship.


We look forward to hearing from you,

Team Swift

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