Look Who’s Talking

Media, Storytelling and Reviews


Range Magazine, III. Web. Escape Plan (p. 43).

HipCamp.com, Web. The Ultimate Guide to Bike Camping.

Bikebout.com, Web. Lakeside Beer Tour, Seattle.

Outdoors NW, Web. Bike Commuting Gear.


Momentum Mag, Web. City Bike City Life Look Book

The Radivist, Web. Scout’s Motto Tool Roll.

Supercompressor, Web. The Summer Road Bike Gear Guide. 

Momentum Mag, Web. 5 Panniers for Everyday Cycling.


HomeGrown Goods, Web. Interview with Swift Industries.

Prolly is Not Probably, Web. Initial Reaction of the Ozette Rando Bag, 

Momentum Mag. Vancouver, Canada. Print. April May 2013 Issue. Spring Ahead. 

Velo–2nd Gear. Berlin, Germany. Print only. Gestalten

Those Who Make. Web only. Interview. 

Lovely Bicycle, USA. Web only. The Polaris Porteur Bag.


Short Stack Panniers. November Issue, 2012. Adventure Cyclist, USA. Print only.

Bicycling Magazine, USA. Web only. Best Gear at the  2012 Philadelphia Bike Expo http://www.bicycling.com/bikes-gear/bikes-and-gear-features/pannier-and-porteur-bags-swift-industries

Cycling Illustrated, Scot Hinckley, USA. Local Maker Interview Vol 1 Swift Industries

Two Wheelers Mag, Sweden. Print Only

Bicycling Magazine, USA. Print and Web

Different Office, USA + Holland: Always in Flux

Go Means Go, Seattle: Review Pelican Porteur Bag V1 (now outdated model)


Seattle Bike Blog, Kelli Reefer, Bicycle Bag Maker Swift Industries Settles into Historic Ballard Building

Liberty Sports Magazine, Pat Engleman: Swift Industries Makes Touring Comfy and Pretty

2010 and back

Path Less Pedaled, USA. The Electric Warrior. Video
Epicurean Cyclist, USA. Gear Review: Swift Industries Mini Short Stack

Guest Pieces

Adventure Cycling Association: Stories That Move Us, Martina Brimmer. Web Only.

Seattle Bike Blog: Swift Travels, some bike camping destinations from your doorway, Martina Brimmer. Web Only.

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